The Blackbird


  • The blackbird sits in the greenwood tree
  • And sings a song that’s bigger than he
  • A song of blue in a summer sky
  • Of an owl in a hedge and a blind bat’s cry
  • A song of life and the beat of wings
  • Of open beaks and the worm he brings
  • A song of joy at the warmth of the sun
  • Of the power of life in his heart’s quick drum
  • He puffs his chest and stands foursquare
  • As the song explodes through the crisp bright air
  • A fox falls stunned to the leafless ground
  • A leaping hare felled by the sound
  • Armies scatter, despots fail
  • A million challengers turn tail
  • The power of life unchecked, unfurled
  • Ensures the blackbird rules the world



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