• Jasmine
  • It’s been a good day
  • It made us glow
  • With the warm pulse of exercise
  • And the hot ache of pedalling
  • We cycled – thirteen miles I think you said it was
  • Through forests and ferns
  • Light green as emeralds
  • Green ferns and goblins where we
  • Had to pee in the giant hogweed
  • And had our lunch stolen by a horse
  • We had ice cream in a village
  • With a ford and fresh nettles
  • And watched old ladies circumnavigate ponies
  • As if they were of no consequence at all
  • The green sun made bonfires of our legs
  • But we liked the sensation
  • Of being out
  • Later, at supper
  • We talked about everything
  • The waiter barely acknowledged when he tried
  • To find out what we wanted
  • Which wasn’t very often
  • We made a selection
  • But across the table
  • I only wanted you
  • Later, in the cool quiet drift of the night
  • Packed with constellations
  • We carried the sun in the warmth of our skin
  • To the door wreathed in jasmine
  • White flowers painted like stars against the indigo sky
  • And later, much later
  • Curled up beside you
  • The sweet smell unfolded through the window
  • And perfumed your skin
  • As I listen to the rain




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