• We walked there through the rain
  • Damp permeating our denim
  • Talking about nothing
  • Wondering if he’d be as good
  • As he was last time
  • Secretly thinking this would be better
  • Not wanting to raise anticipation
  • Hoping all the same
  • The stars on the canopy were like constellations
  • The support act was brilliant
  • All weeping strings, hope and the
  • Green soul of Ireland.
  • Anticipation builds now.
  • In the heart of his birthright
  • They’re saying the bastard had better be good
  • For the home crowd
  • The stars blazed and darkened
  • He came onto the stage
  • All red beard and attitude
  • His first sentence had fuck in it
  • But we could see he was smiling
  • The first chord struck gold as the audience softened
  • Engulfed in his music
  • We opened our minds
  • His voice held us spellbound
  • The music about us
  • Leaning against you, we were
  • Sharing the feeling
  • With four thousand others
  • But mostly each other.
  • Sometimes it just can’t get any better
  • We stayed till the last note
  • Holding our breath
  • We walked back in the rain
  • But we didn’t notice.

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