Alarm sounds

  • Alarm sounds
  • Prising open the seal of our dreams
  • As we lie in the dawn
  • Of a singular day
  • And the tree in the cemetery shakes in the breeze
  • And the foxes scream at the sudden light
  • And a plane passes by
  • Daybreak
  • Edges like smoke round the door
  • And a blackbird flies past
  • Firing song at the sky
  • And the world keeps intruding to force us awake,
  • Till the seams split, and the morning’s bright,
  • Saying that dreams are just lies
  • And we focus on certainties far from our sight
  • And the tasks we’re making
  • Yet finally
  • When all the day’s chances are spent
  • We come back to this place
  • And we let it unwind
  • All the day’s choreography, muffled at last
  • By the silent swoop of the owl’s flight
  • And the battles survived fade to shadows and ghosts
  • In the warm arms of the uterine night
  • For we came out of dreams and the dreams simply wait
  • Where the moon shudders softly, impossibly bright
  • And the currents of sleep pull us out from the shore
  • Till we finally drift in its wild, hollow light
  • Where the bats are hunting.

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