Alarm sounds

Alarm sounds Prising open the seal of our dreams As we lie in the dawn Of a singular day And the tree in the cemetery shakes in the breeze And the foxes scream at the sudden light And a plane passes by Daybreak Edges like smoke round the door And a blackbird flies past Firing song at the sky And the world keeps intruding to force us awake, Till the seams split, and the morning’s bright, Saying that dreams areRead more

The Blackbird

  The blackbird sits in the greenwood tree And sings a song that’s bigger than he A song of blue in a summer sky Of an owl in a hedge and a blind bat’s cry A song of life and the beat of wings Of open beaks and the worm he brings A song of joy at the warmth of the sun Of the power of life in his heart’s quick drum He puffs his chest and stands foursquare AsRead more

Our Vicar’s got a Tattoo

  Our vicars got a tattoo It’s true Though somehow unexpected too You’d think his prayerful contemplation Ruled out vain self-decoration On the sacred, how profane The illustrated claim To love Mary Jane Who is featured, brimming From garments intended for swimming He could have saved the day I’d say By turning Jane Into Magdalene Although his arm is so hairy That it rather obscures the Mary I find it quite odd That he didn’t put God Or even JesusRead more


I had laundered my heart with my underwear Without fabric conditioner Till it was dry and bloodless Like pants that have seen too many Sundays. I nearly threw it away Thinking, I can get another one off the internet Or from Waitrose With home delivery. I found you in the final rinse Like Lenor Ultraconcentrate Which I never thought worked, you know Not on pants like that And we went round and round together Swelling the soft muscled walls TillRead more


We walked there through the rain Damp permeating our denim Talking about nothing Wondering if he’d be as good As he was last time Secretly thinking this would be better Not wanting to raise anticipation Hoping all the same The stars on the canopy were like constellations The support act was brilliant All weeping strings, hope and the Green soul of Ireland. Anticipation builds now. In the heart of his birthright They’re saying the bastard had better be good ForRead more


  Jasmine It’s been a good day It made us glow With the warm pulse of exercise And the hot ache of pedalling We cycled – thirteen miles I think you said it was Through forests and ferns Light green as emeralds Green ferns and goblins where we Had to pee in the giant hogweed And had our lunch stolen by a horse We had ice cream in a village With a ford and fresh nettles And watched old ladiesRead more